My name’s Dan, and I’m a sound designer, radio producer and musician. Right now, I do the following:

  • I curate a library of sound effects called Soundsnap. It’s one of the world’s largest commercial sound archives, and it’s regularly used by clients like HBO, Pixar and even NASA.
  • I record and mix for some of the best radio shows in the world at The Radio Foundation Studio. Everything from simple VO recording to multi-studio live broadcasts.
  • I co-created a found footage horror podcast called Archive 81. The Guardian called it a “blockbuster mystery.” You can listen to it anywhere podcasts are found.
  • I play bass with an alien hybrid cousin of Elvis Costello and Roy Orbison named Sam Kogon. It sounds a little like this.
  • I freelance as a sound designer and recording engineer. You can hire me to record or mix your podcast, band, film or live event. I’ve done this for places like PRX, Slate Media, TED, The Museum of Chinese in America and The Lower East Side Tenement Museum.
  • I live in Brooklyn, New York, went to school at Syracuse University, and originally hail from a small town in Georgia. I don’t have an accent (most of the time, at least).


You can get in touch with me here. Thanks for stopping by!

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